The Conservator

A woman sits on a bus stop bench, looking down at her phone. Fort Worth, Tx 02/25/2019

A new town, a new city, a new state. For three weeks I’ve been living here in Denton County. For three weeks I’ve taken daily drives around the small towns and open highways of this mysterious place.

As a photographer, I naturally look for photographs and stories of my surroundings to get better aquatinted with my new home. As I walk the streets, I notice how different this place is from my home in Los Angeles. My excitement runs as I am going to experience a new environment with my cameras.

I also noticed how the local news fills their papers with “Things to do on the weekend” and “New coffee houses or restaurants to try” I don’t see the articles about the people or the communities of this fantastic place. What is going on in my back yard?

Ever since I have taken the route to work as a photojournalist, I have been inspired by stories of the resilience of people and the fellowship and community of neighborhoods. What I hope to do with this blog is to share stories that will inspire and inform people on what is happening here in our state. I usually use pictures to tell stories, but I am going to adventure into writing and small documentaries this year of 2019.

I hope those who view this blog enjoy the content I create. I am doing this not only as a passion but as my life calling. Thanks for stopping by and keep your eyes out for new features.


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